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Social Media and Database Marketing for Pubs, Restaurants and Hotels


Social Base

Social Media and Loyalty Marketing

Pub Marketing Promotions introduces SOCIAL BASE, our unique product which grows your social media following as well as your email opt in database!


Boost your online marketing with powerful promotions for Web, Mobile and Facebook.

Run Contests, Deals, Sweepstakes, Coupons and More...... Grow your social media following and customer database.


With over 1.15 billion users, Facebook is the world’s largest community center!

It offers pubs, restaurants and hotels a valuable opportunity to connect with and be seen by their ideal potential customers. As compared to “pull” marketing where the goal is “pull someone to your website,” Facebook offers ability for “intersection marketing” here a pub, restaurant or hotel can connect and “intersect” with their ideal audience where the audience is spending time…..the News Feed. 


Facebook users are spending an average of 20 minutes per Facebook visit. Within that time, the News Feed is the majority location where users spend time. This time is spent scanning posts from their friends, family, and companies they have "Liked”.


This means your business has an opportunity and a challenge. The opportunity is to connect with users where they are spending significant time. The challenge is that you are competing with their friends and family. Contests in the News Feed are one way companies can catch the eye of Facebook users and intersect with them.


Below a couple of examples of how Social Base can help with Marketing your Pub:


Advantages of a Timeline Contest
• Pub Marketing Promotions setup, simply let us know what you want to offer!
• Fun way to engage fans & visitors
• Low cost to run
• Runs totally in News Feed where users spend the most time
• Offers way to increase your Reach and Engagement
• The more Reach and Engagement, the more potential to grow your community

Advantages of a Facebook Tab App Contest
• Ability to gather email addresses and use for future marketing
• Can ensure "Like Gate" is in place so entrants/voters become fans of the page



There are many ways Pub Marketing Promotions can assist in Facebook and Database Marketing for pubs, restaurants and hotels. We have the tools and Apps to promote your business, grow your fan base and email list to deliver results 

Contact us today for more information



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