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Savings on Gas and Electricity contracts for Pubs Restaurants and Hotels

The best deal on utilities
for small pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants

Spend under £10k per year on electricity or under £4k on Gas?


We know which suppliers will offer you the best price for your energy contract renewal


Our premier status relationship with suppliers means we can access the most comprehensive range of electricity and gas products on the market offering lower rates to you. 

We also offer 2nd opinion pricing if you are currently using a broker.

Your dedicated account manager will take care of the entire process
We ensure the termination notification for each supply is presented in line with your current supplier’s specific notice period removing the risk of you entering a higher rate contract or auto renewal
collect consumption information and relevant data from your existing supplier
present your consumption data to suppliers to tender for your business
provide you with an accurate, comprehensive comparison of pricing offers and contract lengths from suppliers
should you wish to go ahead with any of our recommendations we arrange all necessary paperwork for you to switch supplier
ensure a smooth transition to your new supplier

Saving you Time, Money and Hassle



Energy Buying Platform
for Large Pubs, Hotels, Hotel Groups, Pub and Restaurant Chains

The ideal energy management solution for large corporate and multi site property owners


Guaranteed the lowest price for commercial energy



CS Energy buying portal is the most efficient way to buy commercial energy and it’s free to use. 

Automated and transparent reverse energy auction - complete tendering tool where suppliers bid live in real time for your business 


drives down prices 

beats broker prices

removes 80% of your procurement administration

fully automated


Powerful reporting and complete control of your data

Consumption Data, Total Spend, Budget Exposure, Risk Management, Usage Breakdown & more


Analysis of your entire portfolio available in real time, 24/7

Alternatively you can contact Pub Marketing Promotions for an online demo of the Energy Buying Portal

Helping hospitality businesses secure energy contracts since 2012. We know the business!

You're classed as a "High Risk Businesses"

Did you know that many of the suppliers will not quote for energy contracts for a business type they see as high risk?


Pubs, takeaways and licensed premises in general are classed as high risk to many of the suppliers. Rather than base their decision on credit rating they simply dismiss high risk sector businesses. Some suppliers will take on a high risk business but on a higher tariff than other business types. Also, some suppliers require a higher credit score for a high risk business. This can make it complicated for you to find the best deal as it isn't as simple as requesting a price from a supplier!

There are still many suppliers who will price your contract competitively based on your business type and credit status and we know who to go to.


Poor credit rating? or Can't secure and lock in prices without paying a deposit?

If you're finding it difficult to find a supply contract at competitive rates or being asked to pay a deposit, we can help. We have access to gas and electricity products where credit rating is no issue. You will not be credit checked nor will you be asked to pay a deposit to lock in your contract and what's more the prices we can obtain are at least as competitive as the big 6 energy suppliers. You will not be penalised for owning a pub, restaurant or takeaway!

Contact us to find out more

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