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Reduce Costs in your Pub, Restaurant, Hotel or business

Does your business need to save money?


Do you know if you are getting the right deal from your current suppliers? Have you checked? 


The main focus of any pub, restaurant or hotel is to gain sales which drive profits. Ours is to reduce your costs. Every pound we help you save is a much faster and easier way to make a profit than putting the £10 of revenue in at the top you need to earn the £1 that you make in profit.


Pub Marketing Promotions have teamed with the best industry suppliers in the market and arranged the best deals and lowest possible rates so you benefit. We are able to identify often large savings helping our clients reduce costs and retain more profit through purchase, supplier management and sustainable cost controls. Whether you operate from a small village pub, a large hotel a retail or beauty business, we can ensure you are receiving value for money to improve your bottom line.


It can be time consuming and confusing finding the right suppliers offering the right prices to save your business money. Not everything is black and white. Hidden charges and unexpected price increases can make what seemed at the time to be a good deal a very costly deal. Let Pub Marketing Promotions take a look and see if we can recommend suppliers to reduce your overheads and save your business money. All we need to do is take a look at your bills and we can provide a quote or comparison either to save you money or reassure you the deal you have is a good one.


Where can we save your business money?.....


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