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My Story

Hi I'm Cary Dennis. I worked in the hospitality industry for 13 years as a publican, restaurant manager and in various hotel managerial roles before setting up Pub Marketing Promotions in November 2008.


The biggest problem I always had when running my own business was finding the spare time to research products and services, finding the right deals to reduce overheads and also keeping up with technology to market my business effectively. And so Pub Marketing Promotions was born!


Since 2008 I've worked with many businesses on various different levels from helping with finding a supplier for a service to full ongoing marketing consultancy lasting many years and website design. You can see just some of the projects on our client pages


More recently I've helped other industries reduce overheads and now also assisting in generating repeat visits bringing them new customers for these businesses too.


You can find me on Linkedin 

Would be great to connect

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