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Customer Loyalty and Rewards System for pubs, restaurants and hotels


More loyal customers = Higher turnover = Higher profit

"It's easier to sell 10% more to existing customers than 10% to new customers"


Keep your customers loyal with incentives relevant to their interests and spending habits

Increasing your customer traffic leads to bigger sales and bigger profits

Marketing initiatives increase customer retention whilst attracting new customers


Personalised loyalty cards make you stand out from the competition and keep you relevant to the customer.

Not just another paper card — give your customers high quality plastic cards that they will want to keep in their wallet! Add points to the customer loyalty cards each time they visit and reward them for their loyalty.


  • Know your customers

  • Enhance your brand

  • Easy communication with customers

  • More loyal customers

  • Know who your best customers are

  • Increase buying frequency

  • Increase turnover

  • Set up a customer referral programme

  • Reward your customers for their loyalty


Flexible reward schemes. Full set up of your customer loyalty club or rewards scheme for just £299!


The easy-to-use terminal allows you to choose the rewards in an instant:


Double points during off-peak times

Extra points for large purchases or specific items

Bigger discounts for loyal customers

Communicate your offers and rewards based on points collected or frequency of visit through the Customer Marketing Manager back office system,

The Customer & Marketing Manager gives you the freedom to create your own marketing campaigns based on what you learn about your customers.


Also included – we can supply a piece of code your web developer to add to your website for customers to check their points balance. See example here 


Optional Extras


Gift Cards:

If you would like to sell gift cards to your customers and order gift cards as part of the start up package we will design them free!


Gift Cards are configured in a slightly different way to loyalty cards – when you sell a gift card you pre load the card with the £ the customer wishes to purchase (rather than adding points to the card as you would do if it were a loyalty card). The recipient of the gift card can then use the card to pay their bill or part of. Any unused balance remains on the customer gift card for the customer to use at a later date.


Loyalty System - Monthly Management Package:

Pub Marketing Promotions can manage your pub customer loyalty club.


  • Birthday offer and email template configuration – email offer sent weekly to customers with Birthday the following week

  • Points based offer and email template configuration – email send monthly to customers who have a balance above that which qualifies them for your offer.

  • Monthly email newsletter / points based email 

  • Customer data registration upload from paper registration forms


For further informaion, contact Pub Marketing Promotions today

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