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FREE Solar Panels


Free Solar Panels installed on the roof of your Pub, Hotel, Restaurant or any commercial business with electricity supply


  • Free Solar Panels and Free Installation

  • Cut Electricity Bills

  • Secure your Electricity Supply

  • Improve your EPC Rating

  • Reduce Carbon Emissions

  • We Pay.... You Save



To see if your property is eligible for

Fully Funded Roof Mounted Solar

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Fit for Free

Installing solar PV on your roof is a great way of reducing your energy costs. As a business you will benefit from reduced energy bills by using the free electricity you generate during daylight hours. We optimise all commercial roof designs to try and cover daytime consumption of electricity, making you greater savings.


Solar PV still offers a great opportunity for your business to beat rising electricity prices, weekly announcements in the press confirm the urgency and need to protect your business.


Our investors are offering Fully Funded Solar PV to commercial roofs throughout the UK and are particularly interested in Pubs, Hotels and hospitality businesses. They pay and you receive reduced rate electricity.



  • Make immediate savings on your electricity bill – you pay less

  • Get a fully funded and maintained solar installation - they pay for it

  • Maximise non-profit making areas of your property – you benefit

  • Protect your business against increasing electricity prices

  • Lower carbon emissions - demonstrate your green credentials

  • Our support team take care of all the paperwork - electrical grid connections (DNO) and Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)  

  • Your system is monitored remotely to ensure its performance is optimised



We arrange the install for your free solar installation, you receive reduced electricity for 20 years and a fully maintained solar PV installation for commercial roofs. There is never any cost to you. In return you get renewable electricity free or at a substantial discount off your current electricity price depending on the size of system. The investors pay for the Solar install and related costs, you enjoy the benefits. We work with one of the few companies still able to offer free installation and maintenance. The investors take the Government Feed in Tariff (FIT) to recoup the investment, which covers the cost of installation, build and DNO costs. You enjoy the electricity savings the solar PV system generates.


In order to move forward a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) legal agreement and 20 year lease is drawn up between the investors and the customer. This is a legally binding agreement between both parties securing reduced rate electricity that is index linked for the duration and guarantees the production of the solar pv installation on your property.


If you would like to Self-Invest in roof mounted solar pv please contact us directly and we will be able to give you a competitive quote on the size of system required.

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